How to Read Deleted Messages from WhatsApp?

How to Read Deleted Messages from WhatsApp – WhatsApp, an application used for messaging, introduces a new feature every now and then for the convenience of the users.

Read Deleted Messages from WhatsApp
Read Deleted Messages from WhatsApp

In the year 2017, this app introduced a wonderful option like ‘Delete Every One’ for the users after which the message sent to anyone by mistake can be deleted within 7 minutes before viewing it.

However, most people are in a state of shock when a friend or relative sends a message that they have to delete immediately.

Today we are going to tell you how to read that deleted message, although the company has not introduced any official method or feature by which you can read it but by trying our method you will definitely Will be able to read this message.


Download the ‘Notisave’ application from the Google Play Store, then open the app and disable all options, including notifications.

After enabling the option, the app will automatically track all notifications received.

This way, if a friend of yours deletes a message, you can go to the Notice Save app and read that message.

After opening the app, the message will appear automatically while it will also mention that the message has been deleted.

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Read Deleted Messages From WhatsApp.

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