India Decides to Ban Bitcoin

India Decides to Ban Bitcoin

India has decided to ban all corrupt currencies, including bitcoins
India Decides to Ban Bitcoin

According to details, a draft law is also being prepared in India to ban bitcoin and other corrupt currencies. According to Indian officials, there will be a complete ban on the transaction and possession of digital assets, as well as fines for holding, issuing, mining, trading and transferring bitcoins.

Remember that bitcoin prices are constantly rising. According to the latest information, the price of bitcoin has increased from 61 thousand dollars (96 lakh rupees).

It may be recalled that in January this year, for the first time, the value of cryptocurrency had exceeded four thousand dollars and in five days its value had increased by ten thousand dollars. In one day, the value of this bitcoin had increased by ten percent.

One of the reasons for the increase in bitcoin prices is the purchase of bitcoin worth 1.5 billion by the well-known American electric car company Tesla. After which the price of bitcoin increased significantly.

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