What are The Expected New Features Of WhatsApp?

The Expected New Features Of WhatsApp – Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg hinted at introducing new features for WhatsApp soon.

The Expected New Features Of WhatsApp
The Expected New Features Of WhatsApp

According to a report by a technology tracking website, Mark Zuckerberg gave good news to users of WhatsApp, a mobile messaging app owned by Facebook.

He confirmed that new features of WhatsApp will be introduced soon. As indicated by a report by WA Beta Info, WhatsApp has finished work on new highlights, which are relied upon to be acquainted with all clients before the current month’s over.

What Are These Features?

1 – Messages missing

According to the report, WhatsApp has completed work on the feature of automatic deletion of messages, which has also been successfully tested.

This feature allows the user to automatically delete incoming messages, photos and videos in 7 days, for which he has to change the settings option.

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“Once a message is viewed, the message, image or video will automatically disappear, giving the user the option to take a screenshot,” Zuckerberg said, referring to the Disappear Messages feature.

2 – Multi login

WhatsApp is working on a feature to log the same account into different devices, and it is expected that this feature will be introduced by the end of this month.

Under this feature, the user has to login to his account once in any mobile, computer, tab, after which he will be able to use one account in both.

Speaking about the multi-login feature, the head of Facebook said that “users have long wanted to be able to use their account on their mobile, computer and tab at the same time.”

You will soon be able to see this The Expected New Features Of WhatsApp on your mobile۔

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