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The 4 Types of Content Marketing Every Company Needs

Content Marketing

TYPES OF CONTENT MARKETING – The big news is that content marketing is the holy grail of marketing, or is it?

Nowadays, every successful company is trying to leverage the power of content marketing. The demand is just too high.

Now, it’s time for you to decide what kind of content marketing works for your company and what to invest in. Here are the four basic types of content marketing you can try.

The Whack-A-Mole Strategy

This type of content marketing is known as whack-a-mole. It’s a fun, buzzy, highly effective approach to marketing content that keeps generating new information even when you take the information away.

Here’s how it works: You gather as much useful information as possible about your business in one go. You then scatter it throughout your site in various easily-digestible ways.

What is the difference between each type?

The title pretty much sums it up, because we’re generally all familiar with the concept of content marketing and many of us have dabbled in it.

But just to be sure we’re all on the same page, here are the 4 types of content marketing you should be familiar with.

1. Article Marketing

What it is:

Use articles to generate leads and get attention for your business.

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Do you want to know the difference between an effective content marketing strategy and one that doesn’t work? It’s in the idea of what you put into it.

When we create an effective content marketing strategy, we go beyond simply generating great content and include creating a useful content strategy.

When to use it and why

You’ve created an amazing product and you want to build an even better one by focusing on the customer experience. The only way to build that is to analyze the target audience. To do so, you need content.

Content marketing can be a huge boost to your marketing strategy. If you’re still not applying it, you’re losing more opportunities.

You may already know the basics of content marketing, such as creating content, pitching it, keeping track of the leads, and eventually monetizing it.

But if you want to improve your content marketing strategy, here’s a quick overview of the 4 main types of content marketing you’ll need to master to create an efficient strategy.


By Brian Behlendorf

The traditional means of disseminating information—pithy headlines, searing direct quotes, and “snark”—has been usurped by in-depth research, like the Four Horsemen of the new digital era, the wisdom of crowds, expert opinions, and user-generated content.

But more than just information—what’s driving our economy, accelerating our technology, and shaping our future? This is the new business question of our time, and one that’s getting lost as headlines compete for attention.

Which is why I’ve spent the past month talking to content experts about the future of content.

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