MS DOS | Disk Operating System With Commands

MS DOS | Disk Operating System
MS-DOS | Disk Operating System


Abbreviation of DISK OPERATING SYSTEM. DOS is a single-user operating system used on personal computers that can only be used by one operator at a time.

It is loaded and remains in RAM for as long as the computer is running. It was a 16-bit operating system and could process 16-bit data at a time.

Internal Commands:

Internal commands are commands that are part of MS-DOS and do not require an external EXE file.

Such commands are as follows:

1- MD (Make Directory)  C:\>md abbas + Entre

2- CD (Change Directory)  C:\cd abbas + Enter

3- RD (Remove Directory)  C:\rd abbas + Entre

4- Copy  C:\copy(file name).(extension) target + Enter

C:\copy abbas.doc a: + Enter

5- DEL (Delete)  C:\del abbas.doc + Enter

6- REN (Rename)  C:\>ren abbas aslam+ Enter

7- Date  C:\date + Enter

8- TIME  C:\>time + Enter

9- VER C:\>ver + Enter

10- CLS  C:\cls + Enter

CD\ + Enter (This command will bring you back to the root)

CD.. + Enter (This command will bring you only one step back)

External Commands:

External commands are commands that are stored externally on a floppy or CD. The corresponding commands are as follows.

1- ٖFORMAT  A:\format c: + Enter  D:\win98>format  c: + Enter

2- DELTREE  C:\>deltree word + Enter

3- DISKCOPY  C:\>diskcomp a: b: + Enter

4- MEM  C:\>mem + Enter

5- UN DELETE  C:\>undelete + Enter

6- SCANDISK  D:\win98>scandisk c: + Enter

7- XCOPY  C:\xcopy *.* a: + Enter (will copy all the files from C to A)

8- CHKDSK C:\>chkdsk + Enter (status of a disk and display report)

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