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A printer is an important output device with the help of which we get the print of the data on paper. The output taken from the printer is called a hard copy. There are many designs and forms of printers available in the market today.

To use the printer with a computer, it is connected to the computer, the computer detects it and then installs the driver from the printer's CD on it to install the driver. Can give print commands from the computer.

If you have an older model printer, Windows XP automatically installs the driver for the printer when you connect it to the computer. Click on the printer to install the printer driver for the model of printer you have.

Types Of Printers:

There are basically three types of knitters.

1. Dot Matrix Printer

2. A jet/desk jet Printer

3. Laser Printer

Dot-matrix Printers:

It has 9 to 24 fine needles called head pins attached to the print head of the knitter. During printing, one by one, the needle hits the ribbon and then a dot is formed on the paper. Is.

Dot matrix printers are available in both small and large sizes, small printers are also called 80-inch printers and large-size printers are also called 123-inch printers.

The ribbon is used in these printers while spare parts include printer head, gear assembly, roller assembly, motor on spindle and strut, PCB paper tray and top cover, etc.

Inkjet / Deskjet Printers:

They are knitters. A jet printer prints on paper with the help of an ink fountain Jet, when the ink fountain hits the surface, it dries immediately. are planted.

They are very affordable but their new cartridges are expensive. After the cartridges are finished, you can refill them again or get them refilled from the market.

A cartridge can be refilled a maximum of three times. Both color and black prints can be made from them. Their printing is clean and fast. Their speed is slower than that of a laser printer.

Laser Printer:

These printers are built on the basis of laser technology that transfers data onto paper using ink. They use black dry ink called toner.

Laser printers are faster than most other printers and can print a whole page at a time. Their printing is clean and of excellent quality. Today's new laser printers have a speed of 10 to 20 pages per minute. 

Their major parts include drum assembly, toner assembly, sensor assembly, gear assembly, heater assembly, roller and paper tray, etc.

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