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With the scanner, we scan document images and maps, etc. It works exactly like a photostat machine, the only difference is that the photostat machine copies black and white whereas with a scanner, a copy can be made exactly like the original, it converts the images into images.

While documents can be scanned in two ways, one as a message and the other as editable text, this means that if you scan Word documents, etc.

So you can write or change it later. Scanners from different companies are available in the market which is very expensive, most of them are HP scanners which are better in terms of performance.


UPS stands for Uninterruptable Power Supply (Uninterruptable Power Supply) which means it performs its function when the light goes off.

When you are working on the computer and suddenly the light goes out, you have to wait for the light to come on and in addition, if we have not saved the work we have done, then all our work is lost as soon as the light goes out.

So, to avoid this problem, we use UPS with the computer. While the other types are those in which dry batteries are used, they are also called imported.

Normally, these batteries keep charging, but when the prophet light goes on, they start working without shutting down the computer and the computer starts getting AC power.

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