Types Of Computer & Digital Computer

Types of Computers:

There are basically three types of computers.

1- Digital computer 2- Analog computer 3- Hybrid computer

1- Digital Computer:

All those computers which perform calculations and additions etc. This type of computer is called a digital computer. In order for a computer to work, it needs data and instructions. A digital computer consists of electronics and IC ie (Integrated Circuits) any data we provide to this computer is converted into all 0&1. In contrast, it gives the output in a common sense language. Examples include digital watches, digital cameras, and office computers.

2- Analog Computer:

These computers consist of mostly mechanical parts, and they work on the principle of measurement, and such computers are mostly used in manufacturing, missile, and radar systems. An analog computer can only do what it is designed to do. That is, it can only do one thing, it continuously collects inputs and gives the output in the form of a continuous graph like the thermometer, barometer, BB apparatus, radar, etc.

3- Hybrid Computer:

Such a computer has the characteristics of both i.e. it can perform both digital and analog functions. A hybrid computer can provide output in both digital and analog modes. These computers are commonly used in hospital laboratories, petrol pumps, and factories.

Types of Digital Computers

1- Super Computer:

It is the most powerful, fastest, and most expensive computer. This computer is used experimentally by scientists for research and engineering development. It has more memory capacity and more peripherals than any other computer. A supercomputer can execute millions of instructions in a second. A supercomputer can support about ten thousand individual computers at a time.

2- Main frame computer:

These computers are large in size and come with a lot of additional equipment. Thousands of people can use it at a time. They are equipped with multiple processors and have extensive fixed memory.

Mainframe computers are used by PIA, WAPDA Banks, etc. Popular mainframe computers include IBM-370 and DEC-1090 etc.

3- Mini Computer:

Minicomputers are actually more similar to mainframe computers. Except for the difference that they have less memory and only a certain number of people can use it simultaneously. A mini computer can be used by 10 to 200 people. The advantage is that they are cheaper than mainframe computers and these computers are smaller in size. Popular mini-computers include IBM-400, HP-3000, and MV-1500, etc.

4- Microcomputer or Personal Computer:

As the name suggests, microcomputers are small in size. A microprocessor chip is used in the central processing unit (CPU) of a microcomputer. Also, there are a few IC circuit chips to make up the computer's memory. Also for I/O purposes, it uses a few IC chips. It is also called the desktop computer, home computer, microcomputer, personal computer, or PC. A PC or personal computer is a portable electronic device.

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