What is Crypto and the Impact on Your Personal Finances: Are You Ready?

What is crypto? What is crypto? Let’s start with what it isn’t: Crypto, the brainchild of an eccentric software engineer named Satoshi Nakamoto, is not real money. Cryptos are not backed by physical gold, diamonds, or other commodities, and they aren’t issued by a central bank or a government. Cryptos are digital assets that do […]

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financial management

What Is Your Financial Management Expense As An Average Monthly Cost?

Financial Management There are many ways to measure financial management, but among the most reliable is the cost of not having enough money in the bank. The Bank of America’s 2016 study, “How Consumers Use Bank of America’s Products to Manage Their Financial Wellness,” found that 79 percent of bank customers indicated their stress level […]

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning: Ready To Take Your Finances to the Next Level?

What Is Financial Planning? You can call it investment, accounting, tax, consulting, banking, cash management, or many other labels. Why Financial Planning? The first reason for the establishment of a financial plan is because it is your plan. Financial planning is a necessary tool for business owners, founders, senior executives, and owners of closely-held companies […]

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