Freelance Marketplaces

Why Should You Use Freelance Marketplaces?

Seamless access to experienced freelancers Talent pool and volume Tangible rates (rate ranges) Variety of work types Individuals to manage and negotiate with (read below for more) What About My Normal Marketplace? Key point: If you work for yourself, why should you go freelance? Sourcing flexible talent with industry experience is critical for business success. […]

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upwork complete guide

The Complete Guide to Upwork:

What Is Upwork? Upwork is an online marketplace that connects businesses with freelancers who provide professional services. Upwork’s clients can hire freelancers from Upwork’s 100+ different service categories like accounting, sales, graphic design, and legal. Freelancers can post bids for the different jobs that they’re available to perform. The bids that they offer reflect what […]

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