20+ Top Chrome Extensions For Freelancers (Do Work Fast)

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Are you a freelancer? Do you have a lot of Chrome extensions? If you do, then you’re not alone. Chrome extensions are a popular way for freelancers to save time and improve their work.

However, if you’re like most freelancers, you probably use your extensions without thinking about how they work or how they could potentially harm your computer. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the risks associated with Chrome extensions and to use them safely.

There is no need to worry about your workflow when you are a freelancer. You can use the best Chrome extensions for freelancers to help you with your work.

Writing Extensions


Grammarly is a free online grammar checker and proofreading tool designed to help writers improve their writing skills.

  • Grammarly is the best way to make sure your content is error-free.
  • Grammarly’s powerful grammar checks are accurate and reliable.
  • Grammarly is always learning and getting smarter.
  • Grammarly makes correcting mistakes fast and fun!
  • Grammarly is 100% free – no ads ever!
  • The free version lets you correct 10 articles before upgrading to a premium account.
  • The Premium version gives you unlimited access to corrections across any website.
  • No time limit on how long you want to use the app.
  • Save money by paying only once for the lifetime of your device.
  • Get started now with our FREE TRIAL!
  • We’ll never spam you or sell your info. You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Grammarly doesn’t collect or share your personal information.
  • Download Grammarly today!

Google Docs Offline

The offline extension is developed by Google for using google docs offline. You can use this extension to create documents offline without an internet connection.

If you want to download any document created by you then you have to enable the offline access option.

After enabling the offline access option, you can save the file locally. But if you want to edit the same file then you need to connect to the internet again.


Speakit Extension is a free extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers that enables users to speak text aloud using their voice without having to use any additional software.

Users simply need to click on the Speakit button, select what they want to say, and then press record. Once recorded, the user can listen back to the spoken words and edit them if necessary.

The extension also includes some basic tools, including a spell checker, word count, and the option to save recordings directly to Google Drive.

Freelance Extensions

Fiverr Quick View

Fiverr is a great place to find quick and easy freelance work. With the quick view extension, you can see all of the jobs that are available on Fiverr in one place.

You can filter the jobs by category, location, and difficulty. The quick view extension also includes a job board so you can find jobs that are currently available.


Feedbro is a powerful extension for Firefox and Chrome that helps you keep up with your RSS and Atom feeds. It also provides a number of other features, such as a feed reading tool, a feed reader for articles, and a feed reader for blogs.

If you’re a fan of RSS and Atom feeds, Feedbro is a great extension to add to your web browser. It provides a number of features to make your feeds easier to read, including a feed reading tool, a feed reader for articles, and a feed reader for blogs.


Adblock Plus is a free browser add-on that blocks advertisements while browsing the web. While not necessarily a necessity, it’s a great way to help reduce the amount of data being transferred over the internet. If you have a slow connection, this may speed things up.

Graphic Design


Colorzilla Tool Extension is a powerful color analysis software application that helps you identify colors easily. In addition to its standard features, it offers you the following additional features:

  • Identify colors based on their hue (red, yellow, blue), saturation (pink, green, purple), and value (lightness).
  • Automatically detect and analyze colors in images.
  • Use “color picker” to select colors from any image.
  • View RGB and HSB values of the selected color.
  • Save colors to clipboard.
  • Export/Import colors from Clipboard.
  • Create color palettes.
  • Set custom color ranges.
  • Import/Export color settings.
  • Generate HTML code for web pages.
  • Display color information in a table.
  • Print color charts.
  • Calculate approximate area covered by colors.


Whatfont is a free online font manager that helps you find fonts and download them directly to your computer. By downloading fonts straight to your computer,

you don’t have to worry about losing them if you lose access to your internet connection. You can use Whatfont to browse, preview, search, and download over 50 million fonts from our database of web-based fonts.


The Inkscape Extension Toolkit (XET) is an open-source project that provides extensions for Inkscape. XET provides functionality for Inkscape users to extend the capabilities of Inkscape. These extensions are written using JavaScript and work seamlessly with Inkscape’s API.

Here we list some of the popular extensions for Inkscape:

1. SVG Path Effects

SVG Path Effects allow the user to create custom paths and apply various path effects to them.

2. SVG Text Effects

SVG Text Effects allow the user to edit the text inside an SVG document.

3. SVG Color Picker

This extension enables the user to pick colors from any image.

4. SVG Stroke Editor

With this extension, users can easily draw strokes on their objects.

5. SVG Fill Editor

Fill Editor allows the user to fill shapes and polygons with different colors.

Productivity Extensions


LastPass Tool Extension (LPE) is a web application that helps you manage passwords securely and easily. You can use LPE to create strong passwords, store them safely, and even generate secure passwords for websites.

How does it work?

The LPE extension adds a password generator button to your browser’s address bar. When you click the button, LPE generates a random password for you. Then, LPE stores the generated password securely in your LastPass vault.

Why should I use LPE?

While we recommend using strong passwords, sometimes people forget their passwords. LPE makes generating secure passwords easier than ever before. And since LPE is built right into your browser, you won’t have to remember any extra steps.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a free screen capture software for Windows operating systems. It’s easy to use, fast and reliable. You can take screenshots, record videos, save images to a clipboard and upload them directly to Imgur.com!

The best thing about Awesome Screenshot is its user interface. It looks great, works smoothly, doesn’t require any additional programs, and is really simple to use. There are many features included in Awesome Screenshot including:

  • Take screenshots
  • Record video
  • Save image to clipboard
  • Upload images to Imgur.com automatically
  • Ability to customize the appearance
  • Ability to resize the window
  • Ability to zoom in/out
  • Ability to change the color scheme
  • Ability to add text
  • Ability to select area
  • Ability to add borders
  • Ability to draw custom shapes


This is a free browser extension I created that allows you to easily share links, images, or videos from anywhere on the web. You can use it to send any link to someone via email, text message, or social network, or upload directly to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pocket, and many other services.


  • Share links, images, and video clips from anywhere on the web using your mouse or keyboard.
  • Upload directly to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
  • Send links, images, and/or videos directly to your friends via email, SMS, or social networks.
  • Add links, images, and YouTube videos to your Buffer queue.
  • View your Buffer queue and edit your list of links, images, and clips.
  • Set custom image sizes and aspect ratios for your uploaded items.
  • Automatically resize images based on their dimensions.
  • Add captions to your images and videos.
  • Use the built-in search bar to find specific URLs.
  • Open in a new tab or window.
  • Save your favorites to a list.
  • Export lists to CSV or JSON files.

Stock Photos

Image Downloader

The Image Downloader API provides developers access to the image data on the web pages they visit. Developers use this information to create applications that can automatically download and store images (and other content) online.


Websites like Unsplash have millions of high-quality images that are completely free to use. All you need to do is signup and then find an image that you like.

You can either download the original file or if they allow, you can just get a link to their server where you can view the image directly.

If you want to edit the image before using it, you can always upload your own version of the image and delete the original.

Web Developer


Taco is a chrome extension that makes every new tab an interactive way to see and prioritize what’s on your screen. You can easily add any website to your list of favorites, and then view them at your leisure.

If you want to take action before reading, just click “interact.” When you click “interact,” you get access to features like the ability to favorite and share links or comment on articles right inside the browser.

Perfect Pixel

PerfectPixel is a plugin for WordPress that makes it easier to design and create web pages that have pixel-perfect alignment. You no longer need to guess how many pixels each object should take up on a page.

Instead, you simply enter the dimensions of each element and then click “Save”. The plugin will automatically calculate all the sizes based on the elements you entered.

CSS Shack

A developer tool extension for Chrome that helps you debug any CSS issue on the fly. It provides a live preview of how your page looks with different styles applied. You can even change the style directly from the extension without reloading the page!

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