25+ Secret Hacks To Rank Fiverr Gig Without Reviews

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This secret hack to rank fiverr gig without reviews is really helpful if you want to rank your gigs on the top 5 list. There are many ways to get ranked on the top 5 lists. You can buy reviews from Fiverr sellers. But I don’t recommend buying them because they may cheat you.

Here are some new secret hacks to rank Fiverr gig. Yes, the gigs might rank even without reviews.

If You Don’t Have Time So You Can Hire An Expert To Rank Your Gig.

Improve Your Fiverr Profile

Your profile is the first thing that people see when they search for you. So, you should improve your profile. You can do this by uploading some awesome images. Also, you should write a good title. Finally, you should add tags to your profile.

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niche down in your relevant category

1. Niche Down Your In Your Relevant Category Ta Rank On Fiverr

Fiverr is a website where people offer their services to others. You can find anything on Fiverr, including graphic designers, photographers, writers, programmers, illustrators, animators, musicians, voice-over artists, videographers, market researchers, SEO specialists, web developers, app builders, video editors, and much more.

2. Niche Down Your Listings To Get More Views

If you want to get more views on your listings, then you should niche down your listings. Niche down means limiting your listing to a specific topic. If you have a lot of listings about “Bathroom Remodeling”, then no one will click on them. But if you have a listing about “Bathtub Installation” then you will get more clicks.

3. Niche Down Your Keywords To Get More Traffic

When you create a listing, you need to use keywords that match your niche. So if you sell bathtubs, then you should use keywords like “bathtubs”, “bathtub installation”, “baths”, etc. When someone searches for these keywords, they will automatically show up on your page.

4. Niche Down Your Services To Get More Customers

You may think that everyone wants to buy a service. But not really. People want to buy products and services that solve their problems. So if you sell a product, then you should focus on making sure that your customers know what problem your product solves. If you sell services, then you should make sure that your clients understand how your services benefit them.

5. Niche Down Your Photos To Make Them Look Better

A photo is worth a thousand words. And if you don’t have any good photos, then you might lose some potential customers. So make sure you take high-quality pictures of your work. Also, make sure your photos look professional and clean.

6. Niche Down Your Prices To Get More Sales

People always ask me what my prices are. I tell them that I charge $25 per hour. That sounds expensive, right? Well, it isn’t! If you do quality work, then you can charge less than that. It just takes time and practice.

7. Niche Down Your Location To Get More Clients

I live in San Francisco, California. But I still get clients from all over the world. So if you are selling something, then you should try to target as many locations as possible.

If You Don’t Have Time So You Can Hire An Expert To Rank Your Gig.

Use extension For Fiverr

Fiverr Quick View Extension

Fiverr Quick View Extension is a free add-on extension for the Chrome browser that lets you browse Fiverr faster and easier. You can easily find what you want and get back to browsing!

Fiverr Quick Search

Fiverr Quick Search is a free add-in extension for the Google Chrome browser that makes searching Fiverr much easier. Just type anything into the search box and the results will appear right away!

Fiverr Add On

Fiverr Add On is a free add-to-chrome browser extension for Chrome browser that adds Fiverr to your chrome toolbar. Clicking on any listing will take you directly to the listing page. If you have a lot of listings open at once, just click on the “+” icon to add them all at once.

Fiverr Bookmarklet

Fiverr Bookmarklet is a bookmarklet for the Chrome browser that lets users create a shortcut for Fiverr.com. Simply drag the bookmarklet link onto your desktop and use it whenever you need to go to Fiverr.com!

Fiverr Button

The fiverr Button is a small button that can be added to websites to automatically send buyers to Fiverr. You simply copy and paste the code onto your website and then choose where you want people to go after they purchase something.

Fiverr Chrome Extension

Fiverr Chrome Extension is a free add-on extension for the Chrome browser that gives you access to Fiverr’s full site experience without having to leave the browser. From here you can check out gigs, buy items, and even make payments.

Fiverr App

Fiverr App is a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. It allows you to search for gigs, browse jobs, and manage your account.

Use High-Quality Gig Image

Gig Image

Gig image is a great tool to help you get ranked on Fiverr. You simply upload your gig image on Fiverr.com and start selling. Make sure to use high-quality gig images.

Sell On Fiverr

Once you’ve uploaded your gig image, go to the sell section. Clicking on ‘Sell’ takes you to a page where you can enter the title of your gig, price, description, keywords, etc. Make sure to write a good description. Then click ‘Start Selling’.

Get Ranked

After you’ve started selling, you will need to wait until someone buys your gig. Once they do buy it, you’ll receive money and rankings. Your gig will appear at the top of the seller’s list. When someone clicks on your gig, they should see the information about your gig (price, description, etc.) and then decide if they want to purchase it.

Improve Ranking

To improve your ranking, make sure to always update your gig’s description whenever you add something new to your gig. Also, check out how many people have purchased your gig. If you’re not getting enough purchases, try changing the price.

Use High-Quality Gig Video

Gig video ranking is a service that helps people find gigs based on their keywords. If you have already created a gig, then you should use the keyword tool to get some data about how many times your gig was viewed and what keywords were used to view your gig. You can also use this information to make changes to your gig title and description if necessary to increase its exposure.

Gig Spikes And Fiverr Courses


Gigspikes is an online gig marketplace where freelancers can list their services and get paid for them. You can find gigs ranging from social media management to website design to video creation. If you have some skills to offer, then you should consider listing your services on GigSpikes.

Fiverr Courses

Fiverr Courses is an online course marketplace where people can sell courses on subjects they’re experts at. There are many different types of courses available including how to make money online, how to start a business, and how to become successful. If you want to create a course, then you should consider selling it on Fiverr Courses.


Udemy is an online learning platform where users can learn various interesting things and earn certifications in the process. You can choose from hundreds of courses on everything from programming to yoga to music production. Udemy offers unlimited certificates for free which makes earning valuable credentials much easier than traditional methods. If you want to earn certifications and learn new skills, then you need to consider using Udemy.


Skillshare is similar to Udemy but instead of focusing only on education, they also offer skill-based courses. These range from arts and crafts to languages to cooking. In addition to classes, Skillshare offers freelance projects if you want to turn your skills into extra cash. Skillshare is great for those who are looking to build practical skills that can be turned into passive income down the line.

Creative Market

Creative Market is a site that lets artists and designers sell their work on digital products. You’ll need to set up an account to use Creative Market (it’s free) and browse their catalog of items for sale. Once you find something you’d like to buy, click the ‘buy’ button and complete the payment. Your item will ship within 24 hours and you’ll receive tracking information once it does.

Promote Your Fiverr Gig

Promote Your Fiverr gig on Fiverr

There are two ways to promote your Fiverr gig on Fiverr. You can either post a link to your gig on your profile page or you can create a custom URL. If you want to use a custom URL, then go to your account settings and click on “custom URLs”. After doing that, copy the generated code and paste it below the “Gig Description” section of your gig.

Optimize your gig title

Your gig title should have keywords related to what you are offering. When people search for those keywords they will find your gig easily. So make sure that your title contains relevant keywords.

Use bullet points

Bullet points make your gig look more appealing and organized. Make sure that your bullets add value to what you offer.

Add tags

Tags are keywords that describe your gig. Tags make your gig stand out among others.

Write compelling descriptions

Descriptions are short paragraphs that tell your customer about your gig. Describe what you do, how long it takes, how much money you charge, etc.

Include testimonials

Testimonials are great tools to convince your customers to hire you. Include at least 5 reviews of your services.

Get A Review On Your Fiverr Gig

Create a review page

You need to create a page on Fiverr where users can leave feedback about your gig. You can do this by clicking the “Review” button at the bottom of each gig. When you click the button, it will take you to a page where you can write a brief description of what you did and how you performed. Make sure to add links to any social media pages that can help boost your ranking.

Add a link to your gig

When you first start out, make sure to add a link to your gig on your personal website. This helps you build up a reputation and get more reviews.

Include images

Include pictures of yourself working on the gig. This shows people that you really did work on the project.

Ask customers for reviews

If you have done a good job, ask customers if they would mind leaving a review. If you don’t ask them, you won’t know whether or not they left a review.

Use keywords

Make sure to use relevant keywords in the title of your gig. This makes it easier for people to find your gig.

Write a great headline

The headline should tell potential customers what they’ll get for their money.

Keep updating your gig

Keep adding updates to your gig. Customers appreciate it when businesses keep their gigs updated.

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